Tamás Guminár

Tamás Guminár

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        Tamás Guminár was born in Dunaújváros, Hungary. His interest in music and woodworking was influenced by his uncle, in who's workshop he spent many hours as a child. After high school he studied physics and mathematics at the Budapest University of Science from 1986 until 1989. During this time he came to the decision to change fields and choose violin making as his profession. This decision was aided by his uncle who then became his first master of many. After finishing his apprenticeship with the „Last Mohican” and representative of the „Nemessányi” school, Pál Sáránszky, he continued working in many ateliers around the country. He then passed his specialist exam to become a master.
In 1997 he founded his current workshop at Klauzál square in Budapest. In the past years he has taken part in several exhibitions and has received many awards, including the Sáránszky Award in 2001 and the gold Medal of the International Guarneri Copy Contest of Budapest.
Guminár represents the artistic line of violin making. His style is influenced by the fine work and precision of the 17th-18th century Italian masters.

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1072 Budapest, Klauzal tér 14.