László Lakatos

László Lakatos

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The scent of sawn pine...

    I was born in Subotica (former Yugoslavia) in 1962, in a family of musicians and hand-craftsmen. I was raised surrounded by music and instruments and this has profoundly influenced my career. Besides learning how to make instruments, I also graduated from Electrotechnical College, Teacher Training College and I used to teach primary school children. I was first captivated by the scent of sawn pine in the workshop of Lajos Dudás, who taught me the first, crumbling steps of instrument making. I then worked in different workshops around the world and learnt the deepest secrets of instrument making stealthily.

The wind of an unfortunate historical event blew me to Hungary, where I currently live. First I joined the team of some wonderful people at Accord Music Ltd. Then I started to work on my own in Tibor Semmelweis' workshop. I acquired the title of Master of Instrument Making in Budapest 1998. At the moment I work at Rose Ltd in Budapest. I am the member of the Hungarian Association of Violin-makers and the Hungarian Association of Musical Instrument Makers. I also train apprentice violin makers, whom I'm delighted to pass on all the tricks of the trade.

As I have always been intrigued by a number of different things, I would not call myself a violin maker, but rather an instrument maker. I am fascinated by new challenges, I like to discover unknown paths. Besides making violins, violas and special guitars, I also make and repair bows.

I am also very interested in baroque music and contemporary instruments. I build, repair, learn and teach day by day, I participate in exhibitions with my works. I constantly search the sound that harmonizes with the one living in their souls, the sound we all long for.

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