Etzler Bernd

Etzler Bernd

About me

1964 - Born in Emsbüren, Germany.
1986-1988 - Studied in the violin making workshop of the Franz Liszt Music Academy under the supervision of Ferenc Kőrösi.
1988-1992 - Worked as an assistant at the same place.
1989 - Made his first bows with the guidance of Géza Sáli.
1991-1996 - Spent periods of internship at Stéphane Thomachot’s workshop in Paris.
1993 - Established his own bow making workshop in Göd.
1997-1999 - Worked as an assistant to master bow maker Pierre Guillaume in his workshop at ’Maison Bernard’ in Brusseles, Belgium where he mostly restored 19th century French bows.
1998 - Gained his master’s certificate in Budapest.
2000 to date - Constructing bows in his workshop in Göd.
2006 - Founding member of the Society of Hungarian Violin Makers.
He has won numerous prizes at international bow making competitions in recent years.
Apprentices: Gábor Fodor, Péter Iványi, Tamás Sziráki, Tamás Ferencz and András Nagy.

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2132 Göd,

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