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Ficsor Gergely

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I was born is Budapest in 1986. My childhood was greatly influenced by my grandfather's love of woodworking. This has defined my life from early on. The unique atmosphere of the violin making workshop first captivated me in 2009 at the age of 22. The creation, the cohabitation of the industrial and this artistic activity has made this profession an essential part of my life.

My first master was Gábor Draskóczy. I continued my practical studies with József Magyar where it was possible to learn the twists and turns of this profession and of course the path to success at the same time. When I finished my studies in Budapest I went abroad, and I spent a year at the Newark School of Violin Making, in the UK. After a year of studies, I worked with Iván Adonyi for three years where I was able to mature and develop in both making and repairing. Currently I making new instruments in Germany.

My philosophy is that precise and accurate work are essential. I am inspired by nature and embrace the fact that each timber is perfect just the way nature has created it. This paramount importance and approach gives life to my instruments.

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