Ferenc Kőrösi

Ferenc Kőrösi

About me

In 1975, after graduating from high school, I began my studies as a violin maker at the Academy of Music-Department of Stringed Instruments Construction. My mentor was Ferenc Lakatos.
I passed the master craftsman exam in 1983, and two years later I was hired by Otmar Lang, official luthier of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. After some time, I came back to Hungary and worked at the Academy's workshop until its liquidation.
In 1993, I opened my own workshop, where I work to this day.
My students, who have since become talented makers, colleagues and friends, are the following:
-Bernd Etzler, renowned bow maker and "Golden Wreath" master craftsman
-László Német, who has since become my apprentice.
In 2000, the Chamber of Artisans of Budapest selected me as a member of the Examination Committee responsible for overlooking the master craftsman exam. That very same year, the Guild of Hungarian Violin Makers awarded me with a "Silver Wreath".

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